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Rich ThurmanMA, CSCS, CPT

Fitness is a journey and it’s important to have the right guide along that journey. My style of coaching is about helping you create a path, walk the path and be mindful along your journey.

My experience and background in mobility and movement through Yoga, Strength & Conditioning as well and Unconventional methods of using Kettlebells, Steel Clubs, Maces and much more will give you a chance to find balance in your strength and longevity.

Longevity is the overall goal of fitness, and I’ll help give you the foundation and prerequisite strength and mobility necessary to succeed!


Personal Training San Francisco

Personal Training

Personal Training is available in San Francisco at Fitness Urbano in the Mission Bay/Potrero Hill area. 

In Home Private Training as well as Partner Training also available upon request... Learn more

Kettlebell Classes San Jose

Local Classes

Currently offering Kettlebell, Steel Mace and Durability Classes every 2nd & 3rd Saturday in San Jose at Savage Three Cryotherapy & Conditioning.

Customized classes for your company available On-Site...  

Learn More 

Steel Mace Workshops


Steel Mace as well as Mobility & Durability Workshops held throughout the year. You'll learn the Foundations of Steel Mace Training as well as how to improve your body's longevity, endurance and durability through my various workshops... Learn More

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