Crush it With Steel Maces!

Learn how to maximize the potential of this tool for both you and your client. Build a stronger core and improve posture. 

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About this tool!

This tool is derived from an ancient training tool known in India as the Gada. It’s gaining ground in the Western world and is quickly becoming a popular Unconventional Training tool, challenging Core Stability, Rotational Strength & Power, Anti-Rotation and Counter Rotation, as well as Endurance & Postural Integrity.

What You'll Discover in my Workshops:

  • Traditional Movements
    Learn the origins of this tool and the original movements associated with it. The 360 and 10 to 2.
  • Non Traditional  Movements
    Learn how the offset load can be used differently and the fundamental origins of Flow.
  • Coaching Progressions  
    Learn how to progress and regress movement. Anyone can use this tool when you coach to each person's individual level..
  •  Flow Building & Programming 
    Learn to string movements together and how to program it into your regular workouts.

Steel Mace Applications to Power Lifting

Steel Mace Workshops

Introduction to Steel Mace Training

Steel Mace Strength & Conditioning