Steel Mace Workshops

Foundations & Coaching Level 1 & 2

Learn to Coach and Train with the Steel Mace

The Path to providing high level Coaching starts here.

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Steel Mace Modern Foundations Level 1

The Level 1 Workshop is designed to give you an overview of Steel Mace Training and Coaching. Learn the background of the tool and how it can be applied to your everyday training for both you and your clients. Get a solid base to begin practicing and honing your skills using this tool. There are no prerequisites for this workshop. A basic level of movement and conditioning is suggested.

  • Introduction to Modern use of the Steel Mace.
  • Application and Integration for training yourself and clients.
  • Cues for effective coaching of fundamental skills.
  • Learn how to apply the principles of offset loading to improve overall Strength, Performance and Conditioning.
  • Focus on Anti-Rotational and Counter Rotational Movements.
  • Learn necessary skills to create basic level Flows.
Steel Mace Training
Steel Mace Foundations & Coaching L2

The Steel Mace Level 2 workshop is designed to delve deeper into Steel Mace Coaching. Whereas level 1 is an introduction to using the tool, Level 2 gives you a deeper understanding of assessment and programming for both individuals and groups. This course is a practical applications course, designed to challenge your skills as a coach. We explore counter-rotation as well as progression and regressions. The prerequisite for this course is the L1 Workshop.

  • Learn the basics of the 10 to 2 and 360. Progressions and cues for yourself and clients.
  • Learn the Prerequisites for swinging maces as well as necessary progressions for safe Mace Swinging.
  • Explore practical applications of Steel Mace Training .
  • Gain an understanding of more complex Mace Movements.
  • Understand how to assess and set your clients up for success.
  • Delve deeper into the theory of teaching individuals and classes.