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Steel Mace Training San Francisco

When I first began Steel Mace Training, I was unaware of it's origins and its relationship to Yoga. Over the years of practice, I began to learn more about it's origins as the Gada in India as well as it's use by Palawan Wrestlers for Strength and Conditioning.

Through my reading and my practice of Yoga, I began to see a through line that seemed to point to the Hindu deity Hanuman.

Hanuman is known for his shape shifting abilities, to be small or grow large when necessary. He is respected as a Yogi and admired by Wrestlers for his strength. The Gada he carries is often used by Wrestlers as a strength training tool.

Steel Mace Training is becoming popular throughout the United States and is particularly becoming popular amongst Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Artists due to it's unique ability to enhance grip strength.

Steel Mace Training in the San Francisco, Bay Area is still fairly unheard of. I began to teach coaches around the San Francisco Bay Area as well as enthusiasts about Traditional movements as well as the more recent (non-Traditional) movements. I also began to teach in Southeast Asia in attempts to proliferate the use and spread my particular philosophy on using this tool. 

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To me, it's very important that anyone who uses this tool masters and refines their movements before advancing and teaching others. It's also very important that the user pay attention to details, safety concerns for both others and yourself. To begin some of the traditional movements, a baseline of mobility and flexibility should be achieved and a minimum of Functional Movement should be available. 

When this tool is used safely, it can be a fun and effective way to improve shoulder strength and mobility, grip strength, core and torso rotational strength and power and well as cognitive sequencing skills. Once the movements have a level of mastery, training becomes meditative. 

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