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Steel Mace Modern Warrior I

Modern Warrior I is an introduction to the world of Steel Mace Training and Flow building. It is designed to give you a baseline of understanding about the tool and how it can be used in familiar ways to target, not so familiar strength. We explore Anti-Rotation within the structure of basic movements (squat, hinge, push, pull). This course is everything you'll need to build a solid foundation. It's a recommended prerequisite for Steel Mace Modern Warrior II and Modern Warrior Challenge.

  • Learn how to safely and effectively use this tool for Anti-Rotation, Strength & Conditioning.
  • Learn how this stool improves Posture and Structural Integrity.
  • Build a foundation of exercises and hand transitions necessary for Steel Mace Flow training. 
  • Get a great workout and learn to move mindfully.

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Steel Mace Modern Warrior II

Modern Warrior II is the second in the series of Steel Mace Modern Warrior Training. Although it is designed to be a continuation of Steel Mace Modern Warrior I (building upon concepts learned in that series), it is open to anyone with basic ability to Squat, Push, Pull and Hinge. The main difference is that we delve deeper into the concepts of Anti-Rotation and add "Counter-Rotation". It is encouraged that you take Steel Mace Modern Warrior I, but not required.

  • Learn how to safely and effectively use this tool for "Counter-Rotation, Strength & Conditioning.
  • Learn how Rotational control can improve your overall strength, conditioning and coordination... And also improve sports performance. 
  • Build upon basic movements with more advanced concepts that increase complexity and variation.
  • Get an awesome workout, move mindfully within the realm of your own personal capacity.
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Steel Mace Modern Warrior Challenge

The Steel Mace Modern Warrior Challenge is designed to challenge your Mind, Body and Spirit. The class has two components. The first component is Strength and the second is flow. We build our final flow piece by piece like choreography. At the end of class we put our pieces together for the final Flow challenge.

Your body will say no. Your mind must say yes. Your mind will wander, but you must focus under the weight of fatigue. The point at which fatigue overcomes focus is where mistakes are often made. The warrior cannot afford mistakes. You will learn to press through mental challenge in a safe and effective way as a Modern Warrior. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Build our flow with strength components.
  • Practice the pieces of flow
  • Execute the full flow for time.