Steel Mace Flow: 10 to 2 Lunge Flow Progressions

Steel Mace Flow

This Steel Mace Flow is quite complex. It's a combination of movements including the 10 to 2, a bottom pendulum and a lunge 10 to 2 complex. This is not a basic or beginner flow. This is an advanced level flow. So for this reason I've broken it into components that should be practiced as stand alone exercises prior to combining to create a flow.

Watch the complete flow first. The second half of this flow is broken down in other videos. Our concern is the first half of the complex.

Here's the Breakdown...

Once you've mastered the 10 to 2 standing you can try a kneeling Split leg 10 to 2. Watch this progression below.

Kneeling 10 to 2

Once you're comfortable with the split leg kneeling 10 to 2 progression, you can progress the movement to a static lunge 10 to 2.

Static Lunge 10 to 2

The other aspect of this Steel Mace Flow is the Bottom Pendulum 10 to 2 transition. This also should be practiced as a stand alone exercise. 

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10 to 2 Bottom Pendulum Transition

Once you've mastered all of these as stand alone movements and have trained the body to coordinate these movements, you can combine them to create a complete flow. Practice, be safe and have fun... Enjoy!

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