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What's Different about Coach Rich Thurman?

What's different about Coach Rich Thurman is his focus on mobility as a central through line of his training programs. His philosophy is that a properly working body, that has greater potential to express broader ranges of movement, has greater strength and power potential.

Rich focuses on concepts that help individuals and athletes improve overall durability and ability to withstand the rigors of sports and every day life. The coaching is designed to elicit specific responses in clients, improving postural awareness, structural integrity and stability. 

Movement is Medicine and exploration of a wide range of motion is essential to a healthy body. When we broaden your foundations and your base then you have a wider range of strength and power to access and harness.

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Postural Awareness 

An Unconventional and Integrative Approach – Does your body function properly?

Every human was built for functional movement. By functional movement, I mean that every body was built to run, jump, roll, crawl, climb and adapt to situations. Unfortunately, the body adapts and evolves to meet the needs of the user. With so many users being stuck at desks and in vehicles, constantly limited in ranges, the body begins to devolve and lose patterns of movement it deems unnecessary. 

Getting old is a mindset. This mindset starts with the restrictive limitations of movement. It comes with the aches and pains that began with early traumas, which we never fully recovered from. We begin to accept these restrictions as fact instead of malleable, changeable variables. In essence, we are giving up on our potential to be better and to improve ourselves. This becomes a mindset that further compartmentalizes both our physical and mental being. 

However, we can choose to be resilient as our bodies were designed to be. We can slow the signs of aging through broadening our movement, deconstructing the roadblocks and building new foundations and pathways for our bodies. 

Resilience starts inside of you

    • Changing your activity levels, movement habits and movement patterns.
    • Constantly learning and challenging yourself both physically and mentally through cognitive activity and new skills.
    • Changing your consumption habits and reducing the clutter it brings to both your physical and mental being. 

    Where do we start? What's best for you…

    First we have to understand that everyone has a unique starting point and a unique road to travel. Not all bodies are the same and not all bodies respond the same to food and activity. It takes more time for some bodies to react to change. Inertia and homeostasis (science words we all thought we'd never use again) are a heck of a thing to overcome and get to change. Getting the body to overcome the desire to stay the same requires constant pushing and prodding, experimenting and tweaking. 

    We start by assessing where you're at along your personal road. Once we have an idea of where we're at, we can pull out our compass and chart a course. 

    The course isn't always a direct path. Remember that guy Columbus? He had no clue where he was going, but for better or for worse, made it somewhere successfully. Sometimes we set out on a course with all intentions of reaching a particular destination and we end up somewhere else. And that's ok. The question is, do we make the most of the place we arrive at. 

    As your Coach, I am here to help steer your ship in the right direction, through turbulent weather and assist you in changing course when necessary. 

    Investing in yourself over time goes a long way.

    Like the stock market, your weight loss, strength and goals in the short term are full of turbulence, ups and downs. The riskier investments have sharp rises and falls. But the more consistent, long term investment is what we are aiming for. When we take a snapshot of this week you may see an upward spike, but let's look at the long term snapshot of 90 days, 6 months, 2 years and see the more long term trend.

    Weight Loss

    Actual Fitbit tracking of Coach Rich Thurman

    Focus on the process: The process of optimizing your body involves multiple components. You must change your relationship with your food/fuel. You must create a solid foundation to build upon... This means improving your fundamentals of mobility, flexibility  and stability in order to maximize and optimize your activities. 

    As your body becomes more able, improving overall bandwidth and capacity with broader ranges of movement and conditioning, the real long term results become clear.

    I'm not only the Coach -“I'm my own client 

    Need more proof? The chart above is my personal weight tracking. I've been a coach for nearly 17 years, but a little over 3 years ago, I cut my Fitness business back to part time, in order to take a job with a Tech Startup. Lured by the promise of better, more consistent earnings, I jumped in. 

    Little did I know that I was trading in my health for a little extra money. I was trading time with my family and friends for a mirage. By the time I decided to leave the startup (which failed months later), I was nearly 190lbs and categorically obese. 

    Despite the fact that I was still lifting weights, I spent more time at a desk, sedentary and stressed with very little sleep. This led to significant weight gain and I carried a negative energy around myself, my body and all the things around me. 

    I quit because I wasn't doing what I love, which is to help people optimize their physical being. I recommitted to my clients, myself and my craft. From that point onwards, it's been a life altering experience that I want to share with you.

    You've seen the graph - But what does it look like?

    • 2 Years of recovery, has led me to a better state of being both inside and out.
    • Small changes over the first 6 months led to a steep slope of change.
    • Through hard work, dedication and commitment to a better more balanced lifestyle stabilized my body's change.
    • More energy and less effort to move less bodyweight translated into better mobility, and enhanced sports and fitness performance.

    *Actual images of Coach Rich Thurman

    I get it, you're impatient - Well here's a 90 Day snapshot 

    Personal Training San Francisco

    *Actual images of Coach Rich Thurman

    • Results and timetables vary
    • You'll have periods of Fat Loss 
    • You'll have other periods of muscle building 
    • You'll have frustrating periods of stagnation, where adjustments have to be made.
    • You'll lose from areas you may not notice, like your back, face and neck.
    • Most likely, the place you wanna see fat disappear (Abs, Hips, Love Handles) will be the last area to give it up.

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