Movement Rules: Playing Inside and Outside the Lines

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How does exploration of movement both within a framework of constraints and outside of those boundaries beneficial to you? 

Our ability to express movement in multiple planes of motion is a key indicator to our body’s overall stability. If we are mindful of our body in space, we learn through every movement. We learn where we are weak. We learn where we are strong. We find energy leaks and imbalances.

These movements shown in the video below are restricted by rules. The rules give me an opportunity to explore in a more scientific methodology. The idea is to create a standardized way to assess.  The only way to test differences is to begin with a standard. Too many variables doesn't give us the ability to assess.

I think there’s a benefit to exploring movement within confines and restrictions. But there’s also great benefit to exploring movement without rules as well. As mentioned before, when there are rules and boundaries we can test and assess.

However, when we remove rules, we can explore beyond our borders. I’ve mentioned this idea of expansion and going beyond our borders in many of my short writings on Instagram.

The idea is that we don't know what's at the edge of our universe. We don't know what we'll see when/if we get there. We can only imagine. However, for many of us, we limit the definition and understanding of what the Universe can be or is. Our thoughts naturally place boundaries and barriers. It creates rules that help us process and understand things. Much like the understanding of God (for those that believe in God); the idea is often restricted to a limited view. 

This limited viewpoint with rules does not allow us to question "what if?" or go beyond the constraints we've drawn for ourselves. And we begin to fear even the slightest questioning. And because of this we remain still and complacent, never seeking anything beyond what we are comfortable with.

Our body is it's own Universe. It is comfortable with rules you have put in place for it. This is where it feel safe. Trauma over the years both physical and mental guide you to make subtle choices of restricted living.

But what if I told you that your body was capable of so much more than you allow of it? 

Most of us never reach the edge of the unknown with our body. We sit safely deep within the box, far from the edges. Most of us don't even know there's an edge. We think the edge is the space we're within and we never seek more. But as we start to compile movements and explore things like Dance, rolling around on the floor, jumping and play, we realize there is much more room in this box.

When we reach the edge of our box/universe, we realize there's not enough room inside and start to peek outdside. Low and behold, we see that there's more and when we do that, we realize that we need a bigger box.  At the edge of our individual universes we may just find that it’s not an endpoint, but a launching point for something so much more.

This space is the edge of freedom. Freedom of body and freedom of mind… Think beyond the limits that have been defined for you. You are greater than you know and capable of more than you ever thought.

But you’ll never know and you'll be stuck drawing 5 lines in those 9 dots, never figuring out how to make it 4. 

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