Movement is Medicine: 4 Hip Flexor Mobility Progressions

Hip Flexor Mobility

Hip Flexor Mobility and Hips in general are an area that gets super tight in most people. Constant sitting in cars, in offices, on sofas, etc will do that. The Hip Flexors become shortened and over time, coupled with poor core strength, weak hamstrings and back muscles, our body succumbs to a world of pains.

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Hip Flexor MobilitySo it’s important that we spend some time lengthening the Hip Flexors as a part of an overall mobility and strength training program.

These movements are a sample of some of the Hip Flexor mobility movements I like to do with clients. We mix them in as a part of Warm Up, Movement Prep, Active Rest and sometimes Decompression & Cool Downs.

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Below is a quick glimpse of the 4 Moves.

For a more detailed explanation of these progressions, have a look at the full video on the Mobility & Durability Playlist on my YouTube Channel.


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