Bodyweight Basics 2 Travel Workout – Singapore Edition

Travel Workouts Singapore

Bodyweight Basics 2 is designed to give you a basic introduction into Core Strength and Stability movement strategies that I employ with myself and my clients. These progressions allow you to work within your range on each exercise and give you ways to advance or take a step back when needed.

Protocol 1:  Choose the exercise progression that works best for you. Do 6 Rounds of 30 seconds activity with 30 seconds of rest. Total Time 18 Minutes

Protocol 2:  Choose the exercise progression that works best for you.  Do 8 Rounds of 20 seconds activity with 10 seconds of rest. Total Time 12 Minutes

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Rich Thurman

Coach Rich Thurman has over 15 years of Coaching and Personal Training experience. With a Bachelors in Physiological Science from UCLA and as a NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Rich takes a scientific approach to improving your athletic performance and overall Longevity and Durability. Whether you're a competitive or casual Golfer, Adventure Racer, Fighter, Desk jockey or just generally looking to be healthier, Rich can help you. Structural Integrity and Postural Awareness are the keys to getting the results you want. Check out the services offered to find out more.