The Path to balancing your Fitness and Health starts here

Art of Functional Movement Fire

What are the characteristics of Fire? We ask this question in order to understand the characteristics of a Fire Session. In order to find balance of the body in health though we must assess the needs of the client or participant. What does a Fire session look like?

  • Intense
  • Hot & Sweaty
  • Physically Challenging
  • Metabolically demanding 
Art of Functional Movement Water

When Bruce Lee said to "Be water" what did he mean? Be fluid and adaptable to the needs and demands required in that moment of time. What are the characteristics of water? How is water related to other elements on our planet. Your body is made up of mostly water. To restore balance of your health, how  much water do you need? A water session is designed to:

  • Nourish your joints
  • Restore balance
  • Promote healing
  • Improve structural patterns
Art of Functional Movement AIR

We inhale and exhale. We are mindfully connected to our life force via the air we breathe. Air is life and although closely related to water in its properties, it serves a different purpose. Our body requires it as a source of energy. Control of the breath is the ultimate form of self control and mindfulness. Air sessions are designed to:

  • Improve mindfulness while moving
  • Challenge mental integrity
  • Enhance physical and mental endurance
Art of Functional Movement Earth

Mother Earth is our home base. As a species no matter how far we explore, we must still call her our foundation. For that reason, the characteristics of an Earth session are clear. She is solid yet forever changing. If we are to take root and plant something, it will grow in her well nourished soil. What does an earth session look like? 

  • Rooted in structure and stability 
  • Foundational movement
  • Encompassing of aspects from the other elements
  • Integral to overall progress